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Data Synchronization refers to a process wherein data is replicated between two or more locations.
It enables the branch offices to send data to the head office and vice versa over the Internet
or a private network. Data Synchronization is a two-way process; i.e., all the data pertaining to
masters and transactions from the Client company (Branch) is transferred to the Server (Head
Office) and similarly data from the Server can be transferred to the Client.
The system which initiates Synchronization is termed as the Client and the system with which the
synchronization is performed is the termed as Server.
Both Tally.ERP 9 Silver (Single User) and Gold (Multi User) can be configured either as Client or
as Server for the purpose of synchronization
Data Synchronization in Tally.ERP 9
Data Synchronization can be done using either one of the following available features:
 Tally.NET: A trusted framework developed by Tally, used for transferring Data over the
Internet. To use this service, you require a valid Tally.NET subscription at the client and
server. It is essential that the Tally.ERP 9 Server Company needs to be connected to
Tally.NET server at the time of Synchronization.
 Direct Synchronization: Synchronize data among various branch offices using your own
private network over Internet or Virtual Private Network (VPN.To use this feature you do not
have to pay any additional charges. This feature is also referred as IP Synchronization
Advantages of Synchronization
 Easy to configure and implement
 Synchronize data with a Single-Click
 Simultaneous updation / replication of data at Server and Client
 Does not require dedicated high end infrastructure or trained personal
 Adaptable to an occasionally connected environment
 Available with choice of connectivity